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The Foreign Affairs Forum facilitates the crowdsourcing of expert knowledge, experience, and thinking to produce the highest quality program output about international relations and foreign affairs.

About Us

The Founder’s Story: Bert Kastel

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the constant and even accelerating technological change, and wondered how we humans and our societies could even possibly cope? I certainly have, and for a moment it felt hopeless.

But then I stopped immersing myself in the news and, instead, focused on solutions. And this is where the Foreign Affairs Forum comes in. We are approaching a time of technologically-driven abundance, but with severe risks.

I see three conditions to address the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. In line with our principles, we must:

(1) Prevent war between the great powers because we cannot advance humanity if we destroy it.
(2) Understand and acknowledge the transformative impact of exponentially advancing technologies and prepare for it.
(3) Shape this future by building institutions, infrastructure, and strategies that look forward, not backward.

I am an entrepreneur and lifelong student and practitioner of a variety of emerging and transformative technologies, scientific advances, international relations, and foreign affairs. My formal education was in Economics, Political Science, Business Administration, and International Relations.

But I spent almost all my life as a technology entrepreneur leading high-performance teams building products and hands-on delivering solutions. This was in a variety of industries and for some of the largest and most recognizable businesses across the globe.

In the process, I traveled (so far) to over 50 countries, spent several months of my life on each continent, and lived on three of them.

Throughout my career, I consistently managed to actively participate in new waves of technological change, mostly in computing and digital technologies. In particular, I have (so far) purposefully participated in 5 waves of technological revolutions: (1) Enterprise computing, (2) the Internet, (3) Mobile Computing, (4) Blockchain, and (5) Bioinformatics.

And now the waves are coming so fast that the technologies are blurring into each other. My current work centers on Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnologies, Metaverse, Blockchain, and Web3, with a few sprinkles of Quantum Computing and IoT.

Among others, I am a member of Peter Diamandis’ Abundance Community, a certified member of the Project Management Institute (PMI, as a PMP) and International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP, as a CIPP), as well as member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and a board member of the American Committees on Foreign Relations and the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations.

My mission in life, or Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), is to help people and organizations prepare for and benefit from transformational technologies. Foreign Affairs Forum is one of these outlets.

Coming Up Soon: The Podcast

Conversations with global experts bringing unique perspectives on how technologies are impacting our lives and how to best shape the systems for a future empowering all people.

The Community

Foreign Affairs Forum establishes a global non-partisan membership community focusing on the transformative impact of digitally driven technologies. We are bring together global experts in foreign affairs, emerging and futuristic technologies, and the educated public to collaborate on solutions for the future using 21st century tools to address 21st century challenges.

Focusing on the FUTURE of Global Affairs and the Global System

We see profound technological transformations.

Foreign Affairs Forum is non-traditional in (nearly) every sense. We try to use future-oriented technologies to build, fund, and govern our community, and to collaborate. As what can be seen as a Meta-Think Tank in the sense that we actively seek diverse perspectives between organizations and the emergence of solutions out of serious dialogue.

Our purpose is to devise solutions for a global system that adhere’s to the following principles:
1. Self-Sovereign
Empowerment of each individual person.
2. Self-Organizing
Communities and organizations of people that voluntarily form, and which people can join and leave.
3. Self-Governing
Decentralized and distributed governance based on integrated networks, without limitations to traditional geographical or political borders and boundaries.

Membership is in principle open to all agreeing to the above principles.

Our members dare to step outside their bubbles and echo chambers and be part of the most diverse non-partisan community contributing to and shaping the future of global affairs.

360-Degree Views on World Affairs

A Global Network of Experts


Our collaborative activities happen on multiple platforms, i.e. in:
  • Metaworlds (Spatial, Vatom, etc.)
  • Online communities (i.e., Mighty Networks)
  • Real-life events (meetups, symposiums, summits)
  • Discord and other collaborative channels
We heavily use Web3 technologies. Our membership is governed by NFTs, which:
  • Metaworlds (Spatial, Vatom, etc.)
  • Lets them participate in group calls, meetings, events
  • Establishes participation and voting rights (to be developed, as a DAO – distributed autonomous organization)
We store and share our data via Web3 platforms.