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Exponentially Growing Technologies are Transforming 21st Century Geopolitics

Over the next decade, current trends show that we will:

(yes, this includes YOU)

Collect 1000x the data about the physical environment

(via 100s of billions of sensors of the IoT)

Exchange 1000x the data, 1000x faster

(via 6G, Wifi 8, and 10,000s of LEO satellites)

Process data 1000x to 1000000000x faster

(via conventional and quantum processors, and AI, respectively)

This will change everything.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Shape the FUTURE of the Global System!

The world must use 21st century tools to address 21st century challenges.

Foreign Affairs Forum (FAF) brings together diverse perspectives and expertise in foreign affairs, geopolitics, and emerging and futuristic technologies to collaborate and prepare our world for the future.

Focus on where the world is heading.

You can do so in our “Techtonic Futures” program.

Techtonic Futures

The Techtonic Futures program starts by continuously leveling up our “Tech IQ”. The biggies are the exponentially growing digital technologies of data collection (online and via IoT), communication (satellite constellations, 5G/6G, Wifi8), and data processing (AI, traditional and quantum computing).
They are the underlying, powerful, and disruptive drivers of societal transformations, like the “tectonic” plates in geology – hence the name “techtonic”.

Exponential growth is first deceptively slow and then turns disruptively fast. Whether we want it or not, therefore, digital technologies are having a transformative impact on our world and global affairs. These technologies include AI, Quantum Computing, IoT, Satellites, Web3, Blockchains, and Metaverses, triggering radical advances in manufacturing, supply chains, synthetic biology, energy, food production, health care – and related aspects of cybersecurity, social organization, and military affairs.

Techtonic Futures studies this impact, but not just academically. The purpose of the program is to provide a structured way for raising awareness, guiding, and actively shaping institutions, infrastructure, and strategies for a peaceful and prosperous world that empowers each person.

This requires a collaborative effort.

You can participate by consuming our contents (like the below online courses), or contributing at collaborative events and initiatives.

We Want Your Contribution!

We want your participation. The world needs it.

We are establishing a community, consisting of:

Thought Leaders

(i.e., from think tanks, educational, and other institutions)

Technology Leaders

(i.e., from technology companies, labs, and hands-on builders)

Civic Leaders

(i.e., from the interested public)

Online Education

Techtonic Essentials for Foreign Affairs

A 25-part course on how transformative technologies are impacting our near-term future – and geopolitics.

Techtonic Shifts * Technology and Global Affairs * Technology Overview * Traditional Geopolitics
Internet of Things * Industry 4.0 * Energy Tech * Hyper-Communication * Space Tech * Artificial Intelligence * Quantum Computing * Blockchain * Fintech & Crypto * Web3 & Metaverse
Geography * Demography * Economy * Resilient Societies * Military * Soft Power
New Global Rules * International Institutions * Global Tech Infrastructure * Space & Geopolitics * Beyond the Nation State?

AI and Quantum Computing
in Global Affairs

A course on how Artificial Intelligence (and Quantum Computing) are rewiring our world, what it means for geopolitics and the global system, and how societies and nations can prepare and benefit from it.

(Currently Guided Course Only – Online Course Coming Soon)

Web3 and Metaverse
in Global Affairs

A course on how Web3 (and the Metaverse) are rewiring our world, what it means for geopolitics and the global system, and how societies can prepare, contribute, and benefit from it.

(Coming SOON)